One System, One Solution

From equipment to consulting, financing, installation, and ongoing service, we handle every step of the solar switch with premium care. Save time and money with just one app, one brand, and one personal project manager (PPM).

As low as $98/mo.
Reach true energy independence with Solar + Storage.
Professional consultation and free design.
Guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Solar Panels

Harness the sun's energy with unrivaled efficiency and optimal performance, even in low light conditions.

Energy Storage

With a built-in inverter, batteries store excess solar energy generated during the day for night time use or outage protection, promoting home power freedom.

Control & Monitor

With the FTSH App, you can have a clear view of home power consumption in the palm of your hands anytime, from anywhere.

Installation &Service

Simply sit back and wait for the solar energy to flow into your house. Questions or concerns? We've got you covered.

Worry-free Warranty

The warranty is 25 years for solar panels and 10 years for batteries. Meanwhile, warranty for roof penetration / installation and labor insurance are also covered for added peace of mind.

Solar Energy Self-consumption
Power through Outages

FTSH Solar + empowers you to harness and store free solar energy for round-the-clock use and outage protection, transforming you from a mere energy consumer to a self-sufficient energy producer. Lower your carbon footprint, reduce utility costs, and stay powered during grid outages.

FTSH Lifetime Service, Spare a World of Hassle

Our dedicated PPM will take care of all your needs and manage your entire journey, from start to finish.

Preliminary Design & Consultation

Our energy consultant will provide two customized proposals based on your needs and housing conditions (including cash payment and solar loan).

Contracting& Site Survey

After signing the contract, we'll finalize the plans and visit to measure your roof and wiring accordingly.

System Design& Permitting

A FTSH site technician will review the design and handle the permitting and paperwork with the city. We'll let you know when everything is good to go.

Installation& Inspection

The installation takes about a day. Once completed, we'll schedule the city inspection.

Utility Hookup & Power on

We work with your utility to get everything connected. As soon as everything is settled, embark on your solar journey!

What Customers are Saying

Real stories, real impacts.

Defying Limitations: Journey from City to Countryside with FTSH

Ben Dunning, a technology industry professional hailing from Southern California, navigated the challenging passage towards secure power backup and energy independence amidst soaring electricity costs and frequent power outages. His journey met its destination with FTSH.

Ensure Uninterrupted Power for Vital Needs

Michael, a 58-year-old semi-retired individual living in a detached home with his wife. Facing frequent power outages, they invested in the FTSH EP800 for uninterrupted electricity, crucial for running businesses, woodworking, and coping with health conditions.

Powering Independence: A Texan's Journey Off-grid

Meet Brian from Texas, creator of "Unplugged Texan." Facing prolonged power outages, Brian sought a reliable solution, leading him to the EP800. Let's delve into his journey of energy independence.

Revolutionizing Energy Consumption with FTSH ESS

Mr. Ray David, a 44-year-old entrepreneur, invested in FTSH ESS to combat rising electricity costs. His 160 m² home now operates independently, utilizing expandable storage capacity, reducing reliance on the grid.

Achieving Energy Independence with FTSH ESS

The protagonist, a homeowner, invests in FTSH ESS for energy independence. With 5000W solar power, ESS supports the entire 100 m² house, appliances, and even ensures uninterrupted power during outages.

FTSH ESS Transforms Power Consumption

Jan Leo, purchased the FTSH ESS in response to the excess solar energy generated by his system. Seeking a solution for efficient energy storage, he was drawn to its modular design, affordability, and built-in backup power. Leo aims to optimize self-consumption, reduce reliance on the grid, and enhance his sustainability efforts.

Empowering Homes During Grid Outages

John, a homeowner invested in the FTSH EP900 to combat power outages caused by aging infrastructure and rising energy costs. This off-grid solution powers his office, EV, and appliances, offering resilience and potential financial savings.

Revolutionizing Home Energy with FTSH ESS

Oliver Lenz, a 54-year-old Siemens Mobility employee, embraces FTSH products. Purchasing the FTSH ESS with 10kWh capacity optimizes his 120m², 5-room house powered by a 3.8 kW photovoltaic system, ensuring uninterrupted energy supply and cost savings.

Empowering Energy Independence with FTSH ESS

Meet an eco-enthusiast, who, driven by a passion for beekeeping and sustainable living, invested in FTSH ESS. Harnessing 4.7 kW solar power, he maximizes self-consumption, reducing reliance on the grid. The modular design seamlessly integrates into his lifestyle, illuminating nights and powering essential devices.

FTSH ESS Reshapes Energy Security and Efficiency

Here, the protagonist opts for FTSH ESS due to its easy installation, scalability, and modern design. With a yearly consumption of 3,500-4,500 kWh, the system ensures uninterrupted power for their business, reducing costs and promoting sustainable energy utilization.

Locations We Currently Serve

FTSH Solar + is available in California, Texas, Massachusetts, and North Carolina.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is FTSH Solar +?
FTSH Solar + is an innovative and cost-effective solution for integrating both solar and battery systems into your home at a price comparable to what our competitors charge for solar alone. We understand that the key to unlocking substantial long-term savings with solar lies in the effective combination of solar panels and battery storage. This is why our home energy storage system is designed to be the simplest and most efficient way to adopt solar with storage. By forgoing the traditional in-home sales process, leveraging advanced AI for solar design, and being both the manufacturer and designer of our own hardware, we offer an unparalleled solar + battery solution on the market today. Our approach is rooted in the understanding that opting for solar and battery systems is fundamentally a financial decision. We focus on reducing costs to ensure a faster payback period and maximize the return on your investment, recognizing that every dollar saved contributes to your financial benefits.
What regions are covered by the FTSH Solar + service?
Currently, FTSH Solar + is available in Texas, and we're working on expanding our service to other states soon.
What are the primary financial advantages of switching to solar power?
The foremost benefit of adopting solar power is the substantial financial savings it offers. With solar energy, you can significantly reduce your utility bills. Moreover, there's a significant tax benefit currently available for going solar. This incentive is an opportunity you shouldn't miss, as it might not be available indefinitely. While it's extended to 2030, there's no certainty that this benefit will last until then. Embracing solar energy is not only a wise financial decision but also a crucial step in addressing our energy crisis. By going solar with FTSH Solar +, you're not just saving money; you're also actively contributing to a sustainable future and being part of the solution. Join us in this essential movement towards a cleaner, more responsible energy future.
Can I use FTSH Solar + for my home?
FTSH Solar + is ideal for houses that receive direct sunlight. Unfortunately, it's not suitable for apartments or condos. The system's compatibility also depends on the specific conditions of your roof. For more detailed information and to determine if your home is a good fit, we recommend consulting with our energy experts.
In what ways does FTSH Solar + help in saving money?
FTSH Solar + enables you to harness free solar energy and store it for future use, transforming you from just an energy consumer to an energy generator. This shift not only minimizes your carbon footprint but also paves the way towards energy independence. Additionally, it reduces your utility bills and offers economic benefits, especially with opportunities for energy buyback programs available in Texas.
What makes FTSH Solar+ a reliable choice for family safety and how does it differ from other solar systems?
FTSH Solar+ stands out in ensuring family safety and comfort, especially during grid outages. Our system employs a unique microgrid setup, enabling it to continuously harness solar energy, independent of grid connectivity. This means that in the event of a blackout, your essential appliances remain operational, your food stays fresh, and your family enjoys continued comfort. A key differentiator of our system is the use of state-of-the-art Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) batteries. These batteries offer long-lasting durability and a high depth of discharge, allowing you to use them extensively from full to nearly empty daily for many years with minimal degradation. Moreover, LFP batteries present a much lower risk of fire compared to the Lithium Ion batteries commonly used in electric vehicles, ensuring additional safety and peace of mind for your family.
What makes FTSH a preferable choice for solar and energy solutions?
Choosing FTSH means relying on a company with a decade of expertise in providing first-rate, reliable backup power solutions, crucial for emergencies and achieving energy independence. Our global presence as a leading industry player is reinforced by the trust of over 2 million customers worldwide, spanning across more than 110 countries. This widespread trust and recognition underline our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction in the realm of energy solutions.
Where can I find customer feedback about FTSH?
To get an authentic perspective on our products, we encourage you to hear directly from our customers. You can find their experiences and stories by visiting the FTSH customer stories page: FTSH Customer Stories.